SMOK-ZILLA was found on the internet by Berkley’s best friend. It was born in Anderson, Indiana. Upon seeing SMOK-ZILLA being built we knew that it would become a unique piece of machinery!

SMOK-ZILLA is truly a one-a-kind smoker. It only operates with custom woods such as pecan, cherry, apple, walnut and plum. We have never and will never smoke with charcoal. SMOK-ZILLA is an authentic BBQ smoker that provides authentic Southern BBQ flavors. Our meats are marinated for 2 days before they hit the smoker. The special spices and herbs we use enhance the cooking process, resulting in the juiciest and the most tender meats you’ll ever taste.

Requirements to use SMOK-ZILLA are next to nothing. A generator or a 110 outlet is all we need to provide great BBQ. Our events take place rain or shine (to this day, we’ve never cancelled an event due to elements.) We can adapt to any and all situations.

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