Berkley’s Tips

Berkleys Guide to Planning the Perfect Event!!!

Are you planning an event? Are you overwhelmed by what you are about to face? Don’t worry, follow our guide to a perfect event, sit back and enjoy!

4 to 6 weeks before your event: (sooner in prime months)plan_01
  • Decide on a date and time for your event
  • Decide on your event location and venue
  • Select a theme for your event
  • Call and book a caterer or just call me..I know a really good one 🙂
  • Contact Equipment Rentals or just let Berkley’s Staff take care of it
  • Send out your invites
  • Decide on any special activities or games
2 weeks prior to event:plan_02
  • Call and Confirm venue
  • Call to confirm equipment
  • If your event is outdoors think about the weather
  • Do you need sidewalls for the tent, lights, heat anf afns etc..?
  • Call Berkley to confirm food items,number and details
  • Make a list of everything that still needs to be completed before evnt takes place
  • Finalize head flexible. This is very important! If your final head count is 50 guest then that is how much food I will need to bring but if you only have 10 guest show you are still responsible for the 50 head count.
  • Always order a few never know who will show up unexpectedly
  • You never want to undercut yourself and come up short on food
One week prior to event:plan_03
  • Give Berkley final or minimum head count
  • Plan for landscaping (if you are renting tents or equipment) this should be done a couple days before
  • Make a polite but stern call to your invites that have yet to r.s.v.p. and tell them to cancel all plans and be at your event
  • Make arrangements for beverage deivery and ice ( this way your not trying to cool soda,beer and wine the day of the event.)
  • Check for ample amounts of film and batteries
  • Prepare last minute Food and beverages
  • Put all outdoor decorations,blow up balloons, etc..
  • Start the music to set the mood
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get showered and ready for the big day ahead!
  • Place disposable cameras around to capture memories